Big Data & Business Intelligence

We will support you in integrating and transforming your raw data into reliable information and business insights.

Surveillance & IoT

Our engineers are adept at building connected devices and end-to-end surveillance platforms to monitor and secure your business assets.

Consulting & Training

You want to roll out data intensive and analytics applications from Tech vendors? We'll help you implement, train your staff and audit operations.

Our Data Centric Solutions Will Increase Your Business Value

Increase Revenue

  • Uncover and Improve Lead Generation
  • Maximize customer lifetime value and reduce churn
  • Get the right price of products and services
  • Streamline Prospect Contact
  • Track and Measure Call Outcomes
  • Be able to do targeted Marketing

Manage Risks

  • Measure and quantify risks more accurately
  • Prevent repetitive losses
  • Improve insurance premiums
  • Improve reporting
  • Monitor performance
  • Improve Forecasting and decision making

Manage Operations

  • Improve Production & operational efficiency
  • Excel in Demand planning and forecasting
  • Improve Cost and Overhead tracking
  • Perform accurate supply chain analytics
  • Fleet and transportation management

Monitor and Secure Assets

  • Reduce loss, theft and vandalism
  • Enable remote monitoring of operations and assets
  • Save time with distributed intelligence
  • Eliminate HR headaches
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Reduce costs and scale more easily

IoT & Surveillance To Monitor and Secure Operations & Assets


Surveillance Solutions

We help you protect your business, home and valuable assets with reliable surveillance offerings that deliver intelligent monitoring and video management tools. We use computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms to detect changes and trigger notifications for actions to be taken.

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IIoT Solutions

Our IIoT application provides comprehensive features for accessing sensors, actuators and logical addresses implemented on equipment controllers (like PLCs or BMSs), thereby enabling businesses to monitor their physical assets, collect data, get alerts about potential problems, reduce time spent on visual inspection and improve OEE in real time.

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First Class Tech Consulting & Training


Do you want to implement cloud based applications from Microsoft, Google or Amazon? Are you evaluating off-the-shelf software applications vs custom development? Do you need to integrate various applications into a single platform? Our consulting and training team is here to help. We'll help you implement, learn and deploy off the shelf software or we'll customize it to meet your business needs. We can also train your managment and staff on big data utilization and transform your organization into a data driven one!

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